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We know the people who are inspirational to us, and we know the people who we feel have something to offer the rest of the world. Maybe they inspire you by getting involved in a new business, maybe they inspire you because they do the best they can every single day. Each of us find inspiration in so many different people, and for so many different reasons. As a professional portrait photographer over the past nearly nine years I can say I've found inspiration in people that I personally know, and those that I see online doing something especially amazing. Through my lens I have the ability to help another person feel empowered, and bold, because they have images that represent their business in a professional way, or help to catalogue their life. As a college student currently working to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical and Counseling, I'm afforded the luxury of seeing the world through an entirely different set of eyes. I've learned that each person truly does have a story, and each story should be heard, and thus my project: Empower Portraits.


You know these inspirational people who deserve to have an Empower Portraits session. You see them everyday working the grind, posting on facebook, talking about their ideas, products, or specials. They want to show you the benefits of Thrive, Advocare, Beach Body, Thirty-One, Younique, Young Living, It Works, and Shakelee. They truly have seen a fundamental difference in their lives and want nothing more than to share that success with you. Each of them has their own story, their own reason for joining their designated company, and through determination and perseverance they are seeing results, winning the sign-up bonuses, or going on vacation courtesy of the company they've worked so hard for.


You know who else is inspirational and deserves an Empower Portraits session? That friend of yours who recently made a choice to lose weight, or that guy at work who is keeping his head high while going through a divorce, or the teacher at your child's school who has truly made a difference in your child's life. We find inspiration in the strong souls we know who are battling through whatever life has handed them, and is still standing tall and trying. Empower Portrait sessions aren't meant just for those who are selling inspiration, but also for those who inspire because they don't give up.


For a limited time I'm offering the Empower Portrait sessions to anyone who has a story to tell for free, the only thing you have to do for me is share what I'm offering. When is the last time a photographer told you they'd do a session for you and the payment was exposure?! It's unheard of! Seriously, though, the only thing I ask in return is awareness to the Empower Portrait sessions, and what they represent: Inspiration, Strength & Awareness.


I need some information from anyone who is interested in an Empower Portrait session, so make sure to either fill the form out below for yourself, or share this with someone you are 100% sure could also benefit! These sessions are going to be released on a first come, first serve, basis. They are going to be shot in a story telling and/or photojournalistic type method. While a few will be posed headshots, these sessions are meant to incorporate either your drive and products you might use, or objects that go along with your story. An online gallery will be provided, and a collection of digital images.


Fill out your Empower Portraits Submission form HERE <--!!!



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